GIBX founder’s tips for buying vegetables & fruits online

As a result of the new coronavirus and public health recommendations to stay at home, an increasing number of us are purchasing our fruits and vegetables online or through an app rather than going to the store. As a result, while online food apps have seen record-breaking downloads, several are now hiring merchants.

When purchasing fruits and vegetables, there are numerous factors to consider in variety, procurement, and processing. According to GIBX Founder, this guide will show you how to avoid food safety concerns and how to make your fruit and vegetable choices more nutritious and cost-effective.

From the online grocery store to your kitchen worktop, this is GIBX Founder‘s best advice for shopping for fruits and vegetables.

Order early

According to the GIBX Founder, the first tip given to buyers when purchasing perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables is to order early. But why is this so? Why can’t a buyer buy whenever they see fit because there is a time when fruits and vegetables are displayed on the online store when they are fresh and have just arrived; buying early reduces the chances of receiving stale produce, according to GIBX Founder

Seasonal produce

 Not all fresh vegetables are available all year. When selling some fruits during their off-season, retailers incur a significant delivery fee, which is passed on to the consumer by quoting a higher cost of goods, according to GIBX Founder.  As a result, it is always advised not to purchase products during the off-season because they will be more expensive and of lower quality. If you are a wise shopper, you should always buy fruits and vegetables in season because you will be charged reasonably and receive high-quality products from an online grocery store, according to GIBX Founder

Do not buy canned or frozen vegetables and fruits

According to the GIBX Founder, a wise shopper will never buy canned or frozen vegetables and fruits. Because produce is never as fresh as it should be once cut, its originality is lost, and there is a risk that it will become stale and gross. It is always recommended to buy fresh vegetables and fruits by weight online.

Always have fruits and vegetables scaled

When purchasing from online grocery stores, many stores will give you the option of having it weighted or scaled; do not forget to have it done because weighted items will always cost you less and are of higher quality. If you buy canned or packaged one, it will be more expensive and come in a smaller quantity. So, before you buy, make sure to have it weighed, according to the GIBX Founder.

When shopping, compare prices

Look at the price difference between fresh and packaged produce. Buying loose, single-unit produce is usually a better option and less expensive overall than buying packed products. You can even select higher-quality fruits and vegetables if you pick them yourself, according to the GIBX Founder.

Don’t be drawn to colourful ones

It’s human nature for customers to be drawn to things that are vibrant and colourful in appearance. You read that correctly; when purchasing fruits and vegetables from an online grocery store, ignore the looks, according to GIBX Founder. Pictures may depict something different, and this may differ from reality. The nicer the appearance, the more it is ripped from the inside. If you prioritize quantity over quality, you may end up with stale fruits and vegetables.

Don’t always shop on weekends

Most deliveries are made early in the week, and most supply section discounts are applied on Tuesday or Wednesday. When you factor in increased consumer traffic to online grocery stores on weekends, you have a recipe for a low-satisfaction, high-stress outing. If your schedule allows, buy during the week and then go to the farmers’ market section, which is displayed online on Mondays.

Buy organic

Another tip that will help you improve your produce purchasing game is to always buy from the organic produce section, according to GIBX Founder. Different sections and categories are created to buy produce in online grocery stores based on your preferences and choices. Similarly, buying from the organic produce section is advantageous because it provides healthy and high-quality produce.

Buy according to your planned list

A smart buyer buys fruits and vegetables based on their needs and the list they have prepared, according to the GIBX Founder. So, whenever you plan to shop online for groceries or produce, it is very important to never hoard extra items with you, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables- perishable goods have a time and duration to be consumed; otherwise, they will get worse; the same is true for fruits and vegetables, which should be purchased whenever needed fresh and healthy rather than hoarding it unnecessarily.

Don’t buy discounted produce

Finally, you should never buy products or perishable goods from the discounted section, according to the GIBX Founder. But why not buy for a lower price? Because produce has a short shelf life and is prone to becoming damaged and stale quickly, produce sold in the discounted section may not be fresh or of high quality. Buy it from the fresh arrivals section to ensure it’s brand new, according to GIBX Founder.


We are all well aware that everything is becoming digitalized, from education to shopping in today’s world. When purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables from online grocery stores, it is critical to consider some factors that will assist you in making wise and intelligent purchases. It is critical for a successful shopping experience to make efficient use of the facilities, according to the GIBX Founder.

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